• Eliminate the uncertainty associated with a lack of clear procedures. ​

• Produce consistently high quality deliverables. ​

• Achieve productivity improvements. ​

• Deliver solutions in a more efficient (time compressed) manner. ​

• Safely meet and exceed customer's expectations each and every time.

SAFETY is our number one concern, everyday

Oilfield Services provides high quality products, effective project management and outstanding customer service. A single source for standard procedures that will permit the delivery organization to manage: 

SAFETY is our number one concern, everyday

Oilfield Services provides high quality products, effective project management and outstanding customer service. A single source for standard procedures that will permit the delivery organization to manage: 

• Monthly Safety Meetings

• New Employee Orientation

• Pre-Hire Physical and Drug Screening

• Employee Forklift Certification

• Annual Defensive Driver Safety Courses ​

• Mandatory Incident Reporting 
• Eliminate the waste caused by the use of multiple tools and techniques.

Thomas Oilfield Service's objective is to provide industry leading service on the equipment and machines that we provide to our customers and to ensure that our work is performed safely and to a set of standards that exceed our customer’s expectations.

Thomas Oilfield Service's has built a reputation of safe work and total customer satisfaction using the four cornerstones below as our foundation. They are:

Quality Assurance Program with Standard Operating Procedures Manual (SOP) - Thomas Oilfield Service's performs our work based on a set of standard procedures that do not take anything for granted. Our procedures ensure that our employees have strict guidelines and processes to follow and that our customers have a benchmark to measure against their quality specifications. Each process or work task recognized in the Thomas Oilfield Services Quality Assurance Manual has not only a step by step procedure but also has an associated training program with verified testing to provide a form of knowledge verification as well as a preplanned auditors program so that management is able to perform "eyes on" inspections of each specific procedure and document any deficiencies in execution of procedural steps. 

Safety Culture Development - The Thomas Oilfield Service safety culture is based on our employees and our customer’s employees that go out each day and perform the services that fuel the energy industry.  While compliance to Federal, State and Local rules and regulations is the main objective at Thomas Oilfield Services, the safety and health of our employees and the employees of our customers. The Thomas safety team is active daily driving our industry leading safety culture through use of our Safe Work Practice Manual, safety training sessions and regularly scheduled safety meetings.  We have a solid commitment to safety at all levels, top to bottom. Furthermore, when problems are recognized they are treated as an investment in our company not a cost.

Employee Safety Training - At Thomas Oilfield, the training and education of our team is an ongoing process provided through the Thomas Oilfield Safety University.  Prior to ever walking into a shop or on a customer site every employee receives "FIELD SAFETY 101".  Field Safety 101 is a comprehensive online, interactive, safety training program that provides fundamentals in 12 different safety topics.  After successful completion of Field Safety 101 an employee then can participate in Field Safety 201. The Field Safety 201 class is an in-house instructor led training class covering the Thomas Oilfield Safety manual and the Employee Safety Handbook.  This training provides employees company specific safety process and procedural training they need to work safe. Field Safety 201 also includes a New Hire Orientation Program as well as PPE certification training.  Continual education is provided through daily toolbox safety meetings, pre-task JSA and weekly preplanned safety trainings. Additionally, Thomas Oilfield utilizes 3rd party training providers for required training such as SafeLand, Hydrogen Sulfide safety, Confined Space training and others.

Hazard Identification - Thomas Oilfield understands that a company must be proactive in their actions and efforts to prevent accidents.  This starts with recognition of hazards.  Thomas has developed and implemented an in-house "Hazard Recognition and Incident Prevention" we call HAZARD HUNTER.  The Hazard Hunter program recognizes employees on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis that recognize, write up and turn in the most serious accidents.  Monthly winners get t-shirts and caps and are then able to participate in the quarterly awards that provide the winner an Under Armour sports shirt with TEAM TOS logo and American Flag as well as a $100 gift card and a day off with pay.  The 4 quarterly winners are then eligible to win another day off with pay an additional $100 more in a gift card as well as the Annual grand prize which is a South Texas Hunting trip for trophy whitetail or exotics.

Procedures and guidelines alone do not guarantee that accidents and injuries will not occur.  The personal commitment and participation of our employees fuels our success. Thomas Oilfield employees work hard and strive to provide services in an efficient manner as possible but also understand that no job is so important that it has to be accomplished in an unsafe manner.  We expect our employees to be committed to not only their safety but the safety of their coworker, our customers and those in the communities where our work takes place.  We also expect that EVERY employee will be actively involved in all aspects of our safety program.

Operational performance standards of excellence are developed to achieve products and service of superior quality and to be competitive in today’s marketplace. Even higher standards for safety in the workplace are required and maintained by Thomas Oilfield Services.  At Thomas Oilfield we make safety a way of life and remember at THOMAS……. "WE SET THE SAFETY STANDARD!".